Frequently Asked Questions
>What is special about this site?

You can make flashcards by copy/paste Japanese text.

Make Flashcards
>Why make this site?

Flashcards really work for learning words. It takes too much time to make groups of cards to review if you make them one by one. This site helps you make flashcards easily.

>How do I use this site?
  • Login
  • Go to the 'Make Cards' link
  • Paste Japanese text into the box
  • Submit
  • Review your flashcards!

>How should I use this site?
  • After a tutoring session, make cards from your Skype chat.
  • After reading an article, make cards from the web-site.
  • When you get an e-mail, make cards from the e-mail.
  • When studying for a test, make cards from the book.
  • You can make cards from the lyrics for a song, or an anime transcript.

Drill the cards you make as soon as possible. Drilling a card puts it in the review box, so you can review them later.

>How does the 'Make Cards' parser work?

It reads through your text from left to right. If there is a space, it assumes a new section of words. Each section of words is read from left to right searching for an entry in Jim Breen's JMDict dictionary.

>Why didn't the parser find all my words?

The parser just isn't perfect yet. It does a good job finding nouns that start with kanji, struggles with verbs and does a poor job with hiragana only words. Oh well!

>Can I customize the cards?

No. The point of this site is to allow you to quickly review words without having to manage the cards. If you want more control in managing your cards, use Anki.

>The dictionary definition is wrong. Can I fix it?

No. Please just delete the card and move on with your studying. The good news in this situation is that you know the correct meaning, so you learned it. Whatever works!

>Can you add a new feature?

We probably could, but don't count on it. There are tons of great resources for learning Japanese. This site suits us, but won't work for everyone. Feel free to make a suggestion: contact us.

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