2330 JLPT Kanji
? days until the exam.
? to learn per week.
Your Time + Our System = Success.
One time charge of $9.
I'm Ready. Let's do this.

I don't have time!
Your flashcard deck is already built for the N3 level. Login and drill. Our system encourages you to drill a card for ten seconds or less. That's 60 cards in just 10 minutes.

I am so forgetful!
Make your brain your friend instead of your enemy. Each flash card is scored and then repeated at the right moment, using spaced repitition, so you learn efficiently.

I don't want a recurring charge!
A one time fee of 9 bucks, and the product is yours forever.

I struggle with the tough stuff!
A weekly email that focuses on your hardest words, so you can see them "out of context" as reinforcement.

I might want to go faster!
Customize your goals, the number of new cards per day, review cards per day. Change your minimums, targets, and maximums.

I never know where I stand!
A custom home page with graphics that accurately reflect your progress, so you know exactly where you are.
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