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  • Free products that let you customize your goals
  • Stat reports that show you how much time you spent actually studying, not just logged in.
  • All data stored at the card level, so problem Kanji are easy to identify.
  • Spaced repetition brings cards back up just as you were about to forget them.
  • Product statistics pages give you real time reporting
  • Cards include On and Kun readings, Common word notation, Jōyō level, related words
  • Groups of cards can be studied individually, or combined with other groups
  • Detailed explanations of Kanji in the dictionary
  • Set your quiz levels, how often to take quizzes in order to level up your cards
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Click the "Register" link on the upper navigation bar and create a login.

Registering will take you to Your Study Space.

You should have a free product in you product section. Click the "Load" button.

You will see the Kanji that you will drill. Click the "Let's Drill!" button.

You will have fifteen seconds to click the "Next" button.

Answer whether you knew the Kanji by clicking a button. 

Yes - Adds one point to the score for that Kanji and removes it from the drill box.

No - Subtracts one point from the Kanji

Easy - Adds five points from the Kanji and removes it from the drill box.

Hard - Subtracts five points from the Kanji.

A card will stay in your drillbox until it reaches a score of 1.

You may quit at any time by closing the window, or by clicking on "Your Study Space" at the top of the screen.

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