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You studied. You learned. After so much hard work, you can have a conversation, a REAL conversation at NORMAL speed. And then, you're enjoying a discussion in Japanese with a native speaker. They are talking about a manga character when you hear this: "海千山千 umi sen yama sen". Wait...what? Ocean thousand mountain thousand? As you scramble to make sense of it, you've lost the next part of the conversation. WTH!
You, dear reader, have just been smacked with a YOJIJUKUGO - a figure of speech. In this case, ocean thousand mountain thousand comes from the story that a snake must live a thousand years in the ocean and a thousand years in the mountains, before becoming a dragon. Don't believe me? Look it up. So a person described this way is like a dragon: wizened and cunning. 

Yojijukugo are phrases composed of 4 kanji whose overall meaning cannot be inferred from the individual characters’ meanings. This product contains 3,450 phrases, all for a one time charge of $0. Do you know how long it would take you to make all those cards? A long time. These phrases have been passed down for generations. This is the wisdom of the ancient ones. 

  • 我田引水 gaden'insui (ga own/self + den field + in draw + sui water)

    self-seeking; (English version: feathering one's own nest)

  • 電光石火 denkōsekka (den electricity +  light + seki stone + ka fire)
  • sparked lightning; (English version: Those kicks were fast as lightning)

  • 羊頭狗肉 yōtōkuniku ( sheep +  head + ku dog + niku meat)
  • overselling your product; extravagant advertisement 

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